our recommendations:

our recommendations

face brush

with handle 


for Mach3 blades 
Customers also bought:

Customers also bought

pumice stone

with cotton strap 
Proven for thousands of years: Pumice stone is the natural way to remove calluses from hands and feet. The pumice stone should not be used dry, but with a small amount of water. Pumice is a natural product made of volcanic lava. Since it hardly wears down, a pumice stone will last for many years.

soap pouch

collect leftover soap for easy use during washing in combination with soap pouch 

face brush

with handle and cotton strap 

milk-bottle brush

also ideal for thermal coffee pots and glasses 
This brush has a special shape that makes it ideal for thorough cleaning of milk bottles, baby bottles, specialty beer glasses, etc. The horsehair bristles are heat resistant and especially gentle on all surfaces.