In the garden

From the flower pot brush to the boot jack: perfect garden tools from Redecker.


gardening tools

durable with an upscale design 
This particularly robust and high-quality garden set consists of a shovel (30 cm), a hoe (34 cm) and a rake (37 cm). This makes it particularly easy to work between plantings.


durable with an upscale design 
The narrow, elongated blade glides easily through firm soils and allows you to easily remove deep-rooted (weeds) such as dandelion or dock. To do this, make deep punctures all around the weed, then loosen the soil and pull out the weed.


durable with an upscale design 
This effective tool is used to gently loosen and aerate the soil. It saves the (often unnecessary) digging up and brings oxygen to the roots of shrubs, flowers and vegetables. Soil fermentation is promoted, and the habitat of earthworms and other valuable soil organisms is preserved.

hand cultivator

durable with an upscale design 
This small hand cultivator is just as suitable in densely planted garden beds as it is in raised beds. The strong tines dig through (almost) any soil. This loosens up surface incrustations, loosens compaction and allows air to reach the roots again.
Everything you need to make your own biodegradable pots from newspaper.
This shapely pricking stick allows you to sow seeds directly, but also to prick delicate plantlets. For this purpose, we have flattened one side more in order to better get inbetween plants without harming them. On the other side there are two milled guide lines at 2 and 3 cm for direct sowing.
This garden dibber allows you to quickly and easily plant bulbs and seedlings. Measurements on the side help determine depth of planting.
These beautiful planting plugs are ideal for labeling after sowing. The tip allows them to be gently inserted into the soil and mark your soon to be plantlets.

planting clamps

20 pieces/pack 
Our plant clamps made of untreated beechwood can be gently attached to the plant and prevent the stems from kinking.

seed bags

pack of 10 
For storage, barter, or as a gift – these seed bags emphasize the love for each individual, homegrown plant.

garden tool brush

front can be used as scraper 
Thanks to the especially hard bristles, dirt is particularly easy to remove from your garden tools. The long handle protects you against injuries on sharp edges or, for example, lawnmower blades.

flowerpot brush

conical form 
With this brush you can effortlessly remove remnants of old soil from flower pots.

lawnmower brush

with extra long handle 
With this 3-piece brush set you can easily clean the mower deck and the underside of your lawn mower or robot. Both the larger spots and the small slots can be reached by the different brushes.

gutter shovel

cleans roof gutters easily, adjustable handle 
With this shovel it’s easy to remove leaves and dirt from the gutter. The handle is adjustable and can be angled sideways allowing you to easily clean the gutter, even if the roof tiles go over the gutter.

gutter cleaner

with telescopic handle 
This beautiful broom is made of the leaf stalks of coconut palm trees and is bound with coconut rope. The coconut fibre is very resistant to moisture which makes this broom particularly suitable for sweeping leaves in the yard, terrace and garden.

rice straw hand brush

curved Dutch shape, ideal for floor and car mats 
Rice straw does not absorb water, making this broom ideal for sweeping leaves and straw.
Due to the special plant fiber mix of coconut and tampico fiber, you can easily brush off soil residue, wet and dry leaves and other light dirt from your garden furniture. The brush can also be used wet if necessary. Afterwards dry freely hanging.

dustpan/hand brush set

ideal garden set, extra wide dustpan 

hand brush

for outdoor patio and garden use, suitable for dustpan 207077 


suitable for hand brush 183035 

outdoor broom

with black handle holder, Ø 24 mm 

scrub brush

extra stiff