our recommendations:

our recommendations

skin relaxer

for massage and stimulation 
material description: black ostrich feathers
This small, handcrafted ostrich feather duster implement with leather cuff can be used as a duster, of course. But it is also especially soothing for the skin …

bath brush

material description: tampico fibre

scratching hand “Enkelhändchen”

curved handle with leather strap 
Customers also bought:

Customers also bought

back scratcher brush

curved handle with leather strap 

mushroom brush

round shape 
Mushrooms washed under water lose taste as well as valuable nutrients. It’s better to remove sand or soil with a brush without water.

ostrich feather duster

small version 
Good for sensitive things: Ostrich feather dusters are particularly lightweight, which is why they are especially well suited for dusting delicate items or smaller pieces that tend to topple over easily.

scratching hand “Enkelhändchen”

curved handle with leather strap