Customers also bought:

Customers also bought

pumice stone

with cotton strap 
Proven for thousands of years: Pumice stone is the natural way to remove calluses from hands and feet. The pumice stone should not be used dry, but with a small amount of water. Pumice is a natural product made of volcanic lava. Since it hardly wears down, a pumice stone will last for many years.

poster “Kitchen”

Our image posters in A2 format are an eye-catcher in your store. 

brochure „Massage Brushes“

Soft caresses from nature enhance your sense of well-being. Learn how to make the most effective use of our massage brushes. 

ostrich feather duster

small version 
Good for sensitive things: Ostrich feather dusters are particularly lightweight, which is why they are especially well suited for dusting delicate items or smaller pieces that tend to topple over easily.